Thursday, January 10, 2008

How to impress
You have to work hard to get every promotions in your job so that you will have a lot of money to enjoy with women before you finally say you already have a life partner to make a family like everybody else.But do you really stop all relationships with the opposite sex after having a family? No, as every men will say life is full of spices and you have to taste all the flavors.

Then your wife will see you will always work late, sometimes until the next day that you will come back or spent through the weekend.Your wife though will suffer silently as you are the bread winner of the family as you will have plenty of money to boast.

On the extreme, your wife will start to flirt around behind your back until you cannot hold back your frustrations anymore and both will go through family court to settle the differences.

To past your time
You talk and talk and talk, so that your time past like a fly
You talk and talk and talk, in your time never mind
You talk and talk and talk, in company time what about other people?!
If you have wings, all I can say is, "Go and Fly to Hell!!"
Cause you are no Angel, you are fucking useless, fucking dirty, fucking bastard,
And you have no fucking shame what you are or whatever you do!!

Did you make anything yourself?
That you built God statue in front of you, kneeling, bowing your head down to the ground and God instantly reward you with a big pot of money behind you, to use and build everything around you.If you ask yourselve, did you make your very own skills?

You show it on tv you built a giant sized statue of God on the side of a mountain where people walk-over, trampled and thread on the statue's body as a tourist spot as well as to give prayers.Has it occurred in your mind, can a creature made by God walk-over, trampled, thread on the body of God?!

If you ask your Muslim friend of the story of "Isra' and Mikraj" of the Prophet Mohammad being summoned to see God, he can only stood at a distant being guarded by powerful Malaikats.

What kind of respect do you want to show to God, even to a statue of God?!